'Duets': Jordan Meredith does not take the judges' breath away


It's Movie Night week on "Duets," so fingers crossed for "Up Where We Belong" and "Take My Breath Away," right? And no "My Heart Will Go On," please Lord. 1. Jennifer and John, "My Heart Will Go On," "Titanic"Oh lordy. I am really skeptical they can do this song justice because vocally, it's big time. It also makes me want to vomit, as a piece of music. So I'll try to be objective. Vocally, the pure tone on the verses is lovely, for both of them. When they start the harmony, I wish Nettles would back off just a smidge because she's overshadowing the melody line, but it's pretty. On the big "You're here, there's nothing I fear," it would've been nice to hear more of John.Overall, though, that was pretty strong and coming on a song I hate, that's a high compliment indeed. He is, of course, at the top of the leaderboard. I...



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