Vegas Week Brings Us Closer To The Top 20

This week's comments, questions and concerns come without any technical dance knowledge and no actual dance skills ... just straight up love for "So You Think You Can Dance."

The insanity of Vegas week is here and I've been anticipating this tear-fest for a full week now.

The drama-level was pretty high (though not nearly as nuclear as the promos promised) and the dancers were dropping like flies almost instantly. They really got down to business, eliminating contestants from the get-go, having each dancer do a solo before the choreography rounds even began.

For the choreography rounds, first up was hip hop with Twitch (TWITCH!) and Comfort, followed by Tyce Diorio's challenging Broadway routine, which cut 23 additional dancers after Round 2. After Sonja Tayeh's jazz and Jason Gilkison's ballroom routines, only 52 dancers (out of the original 181) remained for Travis Wall's contemporary round. The competition was fierce and emotions were running high as the judges did the dirty job of eliminating nearly two-thirds of the contestants for the final day. Read More...


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