Franklin & Bash “Jango and Rossi” Review – Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun

In tonight’s episode of Franklin & Bash, the guys meet their doppelgangers – aka "Jango and Rossi," played to hilarious perfection by Seth Green and Eric Mabius.

Peter and Jared come up against their counterparts when Infeld assigns them to represent one of his ex-wives (another wonderful guest star – Cybill Shepherd) in a case where she’s accused of stealing a dog. The funniest part of the case is that it’s not actually the funniest case. Usually the guys end up with the wackiest cases that they then get to solve in their wacky way. But this time, they actually get stuck with the almost normal case – that they still solve in their wacky way. Taking point on the actual wacky case in this episode is Karp, with Pindar as his trusty sidekick; defending a man who robbed a pizza joint with a cheese gun. Read More... 


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