True Blood Clips - "Whatever I Am, You Made Me"

True Blood still has a couple of open wounds to address before Season 5 can truly get under way.  For starters, Eric and Bill are still in the hands of the Authority and the true death could come their way any minute.  Thankfully for Eric, Bill is an expert negotiator and True Blood's bad boys may yet have a chance at freedom.  Check it out:

Another problem that needs to be dealt with asap is Tara.  It's pretty cool that she is now a vampire and all, but she is far less interesting as a raving fast-motion lunatic.  So when will Tara find some control?  With the help of an old friend, perhaps sooner than you think:

Of course there are yet bigger fish to fry.  Last week, for instance, we got our first look at Russell Edgington and he's not looking healthy nor happy.  Seems like once he is up to speed, True Blood may arrive at its darkest days yet.  There is still the question of who set him free. Is there a traitor amongst our group of familiars?  And while I love the Pam back-story we're getting, I can't help but wonder what the ultimate context of it all is.  Is Pam merely recalling her vampire infancy as a way of coping with her new role as a maker?  The answers are coming. Read More...


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