Suits Review: Not Alone

Jessica and Harvey struggled to collect supporters in the civil war brewing at Pearson and Hardman, while Mike struggled with "The Choice" that had us all screaming at the television to make him stop.

Oh, yes, the tides were clearly turning on Suits this week.

The firm clearly underwent some serious renovations since we saw it last week, as an entire office bearing Daniel Hardman's name caused a major stir throughout the office.

Jessica and Harvey sure have their work cut out for them.

Their best bet may be to amass funds enough to support lavish omelet bars and rent out stadium seats for a rock legend in order to properly compete.

Or maybe they should simply invest in better employee relationship management between the higher-ups and those on the 46th floor.

Harvey's encounter with Porter was quite the epic disaster, except I hardly think that Harvey can control his ego any more than Jessica could prevent Hardman's return. If there's one thing we as Suitors know, it's that when Harvey sees a way to win, he pursues it... ruthlessly. Read More...


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