The Legend of Korra Episode 11 and 12 Review: Korra's Season Finale

The Legend of Korra, season finale; words that have come around all too soon. The show that started with so much promise and exceeded it every episode has finished its first season. Tinged with a sadness that I have to wait till 2013 (earliest estimates) for Book 2, the two part season finale was bloody fantastic.

Episode 11, Skeletons in the Closet, started by showing Amon and his Equalists in charge of Republic City; he even put an Amon mask on the statue of Aang. Mr Sato is talking at a rally for Equalists, saying that they must fight against the United Forces, who are on their way. Two Chi-Blockers slide away. It turns out to be Korra and Mako, who get into the sewers. Korra wants to go and knock some heads but Mako tells her they have to wait for Iroh. Korra hates being patient. Read More...


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