Review - Sorkin's The Newsroom - Believe the Hype

Aaron Sorkin definitely has his friends in the media, and that friendliness has never been more exposed than for the premiere of his HBO series The Newsroom, which airs tonight at 10PM.  If I sound a bit cynical it might be because I seemed to be the only person that loathed Studio 60 prior to its debut, upon which it promptly tanked, despite the copious amounts of Sorkin worship that oozed from the mainstream prior to its release.  Yes, Sorkin is a genius, but he also deserves the same amount of skepticism anyone else gets when they bring something 'new' to our screens. So that said, it's not surprising to see that The Newsroom is the object of much critical admiration.  Is it for real this time?  Or are we staring down the barrel of another Studio 60?

The Newsroom essentially tells the story of the rise of a cable news political pundit,  William McVoy (Jeff Daniels).  By pundit I mean loud mouth, ala Sean Hannity, Keith Olbermann, you get the meaning I'm sure.  At the same-time, it is an almost allegorical expose on the way these sorts of personalities passions are seized upon by their corporate masters to the point where you don't know what is coming from the heart and mind of these talking heads, or what is coming from their production 'handlers'. Read More....


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