Teen Wolf: Who is the Kanima? Lydia? Jackson? Or Both?

We are less than two days from discovering the identity of the kanima, the latest creature that is terrorizing the denizens of Beacon Hills on Teen Wolf, and we here at TVOvermind have two suspects who we think could be the newest beast of Beacon Hills. Those suspects? Lydia and Jackson.

Lydia seems like the most logical answer due to all the evidence piled up against her, but this is Teen Wolf and nothing is ever really clear cut on the show, as fellow TVO writer Shilo Adams will explain in a minute. My guess is that Lydia could simply be a red herring in this particular mystery, and that Kanima is actually Jackson. Why Jackson, you ask? There is plenty of evidence dating back to season one that I will expound later on how Jackson could be the beast, but first let Shilo explain his reasoning of how Lydia could be the kanima... and how it could be a bit "blah" if she is.



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