Jane by Design Sneak Peeks: Jane's Mom Takes Over

So...Jane's mom is here. Talk about awkward, right? To abandon your children, forcing one to give up his dream and the other to expedite hers, and all of a sudden pop up again like it's nothing? Either she's extremely naive, extremely brave, or some combination of both, but on this week's episode of Jane by Design, Jane's mom infiltrates her children's lives and causes quite the stir.

Ben, of course, is not feeling her whatsoever. He's a little older than Jane and has been exposed to this kind of flighty behavior from his mother before, so there won't be much in the way of forgiveness here. Not when he had to forego a stint in the majors in order to do her job and raise Jane, not when he doesn't see any type of true atonement from his mother for her past misdeeds. The threat to make her leave by the end of the week may not be expected from the typically happy-go-lucky Ben, but as we saw last week, the subject of his mother is a sore spot and her reappearance has aggravated old emotional wounds. Read More...



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