The Glades “The Naked Truth” Review

There was a lot of bare flesh in "The Naked Truth," this week’s episode of The Glades, owing to the fact that the victim was a member of a nudist colony. Jim was digging it, but Carlos wasn’t quite so comfortable around the colonists. Apparently he prefers his naked people to be dead.

I wish I could say that the case itself was interesting, but it was pretty standard fare. The victim was caught up in a five million dollar land deal that would have seen some of the nudist colony given over to a condo resort, but she ended up being killed because the guy who loved her thought she was having an affair with the land developer. I think the only twist in the case was the fact that half the suspect pool was naked. I kept wanting an alligator to jump out of the lake and bite someone just to make things a little more dramatic. Read More... 


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