Drop Dead Diva “Winning Ugly” Review

How did I love this episode of Drop Dead Diva? Let me count the ways… Firstly in ‘Winning Ugly’, Jane and Kim fought to get adequate compensation for a husband who’s wife killed herself after being rejected from a makeover show for apparently being ‘too ugly’. Secondly, Parker arbitrated on a case involving two women fighting over a rat, who may or may not be the dead husband of one/dead lover of the other — with his son in tow. Thirdly, Owen’s cottoned onto the fact there’s something between Jane and Grayson — or at least Grayson — and the tension culminates in a pick up game of basketball, in their suits, soundtracked by Teri singing a song about pies falling in love with cakes.

Yeah, three guesses which of those I loved the most.

Alright, that’s it — I wasn’t a fan of Parker when this show started but he’s now one of my favourite characters. He and his son are adorable together, and while I worry that this is a whole Parker/Elisa waiting to happen (not a huge fan of Elisa), I hope we get to see more of them over the rest of this season. Hopefully we’ll see less ridiculous cases like this one though — I couldn’t have given a rat’s ass (pun intended) who was right/who deserved the damned rodent. Read More...



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