The Newsroom ‘We Just Decided To’ Review

I’m not entirely sure what to think of The Newsroom, which is a bad way for a reviewer to start a review, but in the spirit of Will McAvoy’s truthfulness, here it is. The Newsroom pilot ‘We Just Decided To’ showed the formation of a new(ish) team for a daily evening news broadcast, which is anchored by Will, a grouchy, opinionated and seemingly inept reporter, whose career is in the balance after he sort-of but not-quite verbally attacked a college student.

That initial outpouring was the strongest part of the pilot. It consisted mostly of facts and figures, yes, but it wasn’t dry or boring and it was an interesting way to set up the series. Sadly things were a bit hit and miss after that. At times The Newsroom bordered on being hilariously sharp and satirical, at other times it was dull, shouty and boring. Read More... 


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