Eureka “The Honeymooners” Reviews

With a title like "The Honeymooners" you’d be correct to think that this episode features Eureka’s recent newlyweds, Sheriff Carter and Allison. What you might have not guessed is how the themes of what is real and what is not played out for some of the town’s other couples. We learn that Holly and Fargo’s love is very much real (and now physical!), while Henry learned that his pre-time travel adventure life was different than what he thought it was. For Carter and Allison though, the honeymoon was pretty much over before it began, but there is a happy ending.

From last week’s preview we knew that the big event this week was Holly finally becoming a real woman again. While not as touching as what happens with Carter/Allison or as shocking as Henry/Grace, the adventures Fargo and other go through to get Holly back were very entertaining. I liked that the writers were able to fit in a lot of suspense and drama into this part of the story, from the near death of Holly during the transfer (the seventh time the writers tried to kill her character this season I think) to the standoff with Sheriff Carter. Before tonight’s episode I don’t think I have actually seen Felicia Day play a frantic/paranoid character, but she did a great job tonight in really showing how off-kilter Holly was when she couldn’t tell if she was in or out of the Matrix. Hopefully these last few episodes will give us some quality Fargo/Holly couple time like we had last season before the Astraeus affair. Read More... 


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