'Teen Wolf' reveals the Kanima: Is Jackson or Lydia the cold-blooded snake?


On Monday night's episode of "Teen Wolf," the identity of the creepy Kanima was finally revealed, but not without plenty of misdirection, suspense, and even a little bit of romance. The Kanima, the new creature that entered the "Teen Wolf" mythology in Season 2, is a reptilian monster whose venom paralyzes victims from the neck down. It's got a taste for killing other killers, and -- if the Argent lore is to be believed -- it's just lonely and looking for a friend. Like a teenager, according to the guidance counselor who has a totally non-suspicious knowledge of archaic Latin. A really scaly teenager.So here's how it all went down. Initially, Derek thought his bite had combined with Jackson's mysterious family history to produce a very unexpected reaction. Derek kidnapped Jackson and poisoned him with the Kanima's venom. When it paralyzed him, we figured that though he's not quite human, he's not a murderous lizard...



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