'The Glass House': Holly's favorite psychologist is Dr. Phil


Previously on "The Glass House," the show was no "Big Brother." First off, the live feeds are totally boring. Secondly, the show only airs once a week, which is fine for most shows, but on a show like this, it feels like it's been forever. All this stuff has been happening in the house that we have no idea about.Plus, since the players don't vote each other out, there is no strategizing and scheming, which is boring. And finally, Alex - a total d-bag who thinks he's so much cleverer than he actually is. Hopefully the viewers saw that about him and didn't vote to bring him back.The AftermathThe players are told that one of the guys quit and that the viewers still vote on the other one. So Kevin takes some time to make fun of Jacob and Alex and he's actually pretty funny, especially when he makes fun of Alex's freaky-deaky teeth. Seriously,...



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