'The Real Housewives of New York' Recap: But You, You're Uninvited

Aviva, Ramona, and Carole meet for lunch, because it's better to start out with Ramona on the right foot (no pun intended, Aviva). Ramona got them gifts--her skincare products! Then she told them that she's meeting Heather for drinks, hoping for an invite to London. Carole jokingly said that Heather "talks a lot" and Ramona pounced on it, not realizing Carole's attempt at calling her out. They all agreed that Heather rambles and has no ability to edit. Ah-HA, Heather is the worst and they are the best, right ladies? Here's to us! At least we're not Heather!

Sonja, who must be feeling better, and LuAnn meet for tapas. Sonja wishes that LuAnn and Ramona got along, because she likes both of them. Later, Carole meets her gay friend/neighbor, Tripp. They go to the Wallstreet protests, and Carole gets painted by a hippie. They realize at lunch that they are part of the 1%.



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