Teen Wolf Review: The Person Behind the Scales

While I’ve been an avid watcher of Teen Wolf I had no idea until I was asked to fill in this week that there was a plot here as well. I’ve been merely watching for the ridiculous amount of eye candy. All kidding aside, let’s get on to "Venomous," shall we?

Yes, after countless hours of speculation and wondering tonight finally answered the question of "who is the Kanima?"

It’s Jackson.

It was pretty easy narrowing down who the possible culprits were once the description of a Kanima was read out loud because it fit either Jackson or Lydia to the letter, but perhaps Jackson even more so.

Jackson has always been a loner, he has always been in it for himself, and he’s never once relied on someone else unless it’s to serve his own personal gain. It’s a wonderful metaphor for his character because it forces him to take a long look in the mirror and be afraid of who is looking back at him (sometimes literally). Read More...



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