The Secret Life of the American Teenager Review: Just Married?

Back to school and back to reality! In "I Do and I Don't" Amy and Ricky returned from their honeymoon and geared up for the new year.

Overwhelmed with all the celebrations people were lavishing them with, Amy and Ricky's guilt led to one of the biggest reveals on The Secret Life of the American Teenager...

... Amy and Ricky never really got hitched after all! Well, I am disappointed! How about you guys? Did anyone else suspect it? Sure, they were shy about celebrating and accepting gifts, but they were overwhelmed with all the attention to begin with.

Speaking of overwhelmed, that flash mob was interesting. Madison and Lauren popped up like extras from Dreamgirls and performed Bruno Mars' "Marry You." I happen to love this song and thought it was really cute when it was used for the Amy and Ricky montage two weeks ago. However, I'm still up in the air with how I felt about the flash mob and the "Rick on a stick" bit. Read More...


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