PIck it up Cougar Town!

After last weeks dry spell I don't doubt that I was not alone in looking forward to this week's "Mystery Man".

Unfortunately however, this run of the mill episode was dissapointing and left me with a slightly bitter taste in my mouth towards "Cougar Town" writers.

Laugh out loud moments in this weeks episode were few and far between as we saw Jules battle between her feelings for two men. The first being an arrogant 40 - something with whom Jules develops a hatred for before quickly doing a U - turn as she learns his feelings for her. The second man in question is a rather more attractive 20 - something shirtless model, whom Jukes immediately finds herself attracted to.

As the show is named "Cougar Town", I would have hoped that the eventual winner in the fight for Jules affection would have being younger sexy guy. However, in an ending reminicent of a predictable TV show wrapping up its loose ends for a perfect ending, our herion fell for the arrogant older guy rather than the younger sexy potential fling.

The only comedic moments of the episode were brought by Ian Gomez as his character, Andy, was left to take care of his son alone. Comedic relief was also provided by Dan Byrd aka Travis in these scenes.

Let's hope Cougar Town writers haven't peaked too soon and intend to leave us with a mediocore finish to what has otherwise been one of the most entertaining new comedies on TV this season.


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