Grey's Anatomy Review 6x08: "Investment in Love"

I'm probably a few months delayed in this review but I was too busy helping save lives last year that I missed my dose of Grey's Anatomy goodness. And since I'm right back in the bandwagon (still helping save lives though), I'd like to start with one of my favorite episodes, so far and one of my favorite characters.

Basically, Arizona Robbins gets the spotlight on her as the writers approach the show in a different light (quite obviously to fill in for Ellen Pompeo who was on her third trimester at filming time). Quite apparent as that last episode focused on Derek's character and so we examine Arizona this time.

Meredith begins by voicing a speech that says surgeons are not just invested in their patients but are responsible for whether they make it or not. Uh¦. Duh¦.Of course! We know that already. So their regular sleeping patterns are affected/interrupted when their pagers go off in the middle of the night. It's part of their job description. But the fun scene was when Arizona threw Callie off her bed after checking that it was Callie's pager that went off.. Uh! Unsweet much? It's amusing how un-Arizona that was. Forward to post-assessment of their patients, Arizona and Callie race for the only available OR at 4 am. A defeated Callie is forced to book another OR. Ahhh... Arizona puts her patients above her relationships (remember Andy and the smoking...guilty much) But then again, Arizona's patient was more emergent than Callie's with a subdural hemorrhage inside the womb of his/her mother. But after that, they're all lovey dovey as Callie brings her coffee only to find out she already has one. Then the epic line "OH no I want your coffee, I need your coffee" is delivered. Be still my heart. So subtle yet so sweet an allegory.

We are then taken to a tour in the Pediatrics ward as to how Arizona runs it. She briefs her residents and co-attendings with a heartwarming speech on how she looks at her job. Now that is a Head that puts her trust and hope in her patients. The world really needs more physicians like her, no offense to anyone. In PEDS, we have miracles. PEDS sounds so cool, thanks a lot Grey's writers. We call our department Pedia, now I call it Peds and the doctors stare at me for a while and then a smile creeps through their faces.

Arizona's day had just began. She goes on rounds on all her patients and this episode focuses on this one wealthy boy with a short gut syndrome who greatly affects her life. After rounds, his parents call on a meeting with one of the Board Members, Chief Webber and Arizona. You really see that Arizona easily gets scared when dealing with people who are bigger than her, much more with being threatened by the Board who is a complete suck-up. The meeting went quite well as the wealthy couple, the Andersons, surprises Arizona with a birthday present of 25 million USD. Arizona gulped in hard with that amount!

However, not all went well as later on Wallace Anderson developed a complication and Arizona is forced to operate despite her professional reservation. It really didn't help that she can't say no to Chief Webber and the Andersons. Now these are the moments I want part of Erica Hahn's personality to be miraculously channeled into Arizona. Poor her. So what does she do? She turns to the only person who makes her world better, Calliope. Callie gave her a pep talk before surgery but was unavailable after since she also had work of her own. Arizona instigated a spat with her girlfriend because of Callie's supposed absence when Arizona needed her the most. They were interrupted by another Owen and Cristina fighting. Her pager went off before Callie could attempt to appease her, and she stormed out just like that.

Sadly, Wallace died and she had to deal with the feeling that she killed him by not refusing to operate. It was in her OR that Arizona stood up to the Chief, stating that she needs to invest on her patients well-being and not on the hospital's monetary gain of 25 million dollars. You go Dr. Robbins! Jessica Capshaw portrayed a very vulnerable Arizona in these moments. It was heartbreaking to see such a good surgeon go through that. Then again, it's part of the job.

Arizona goes home to Callie's apartment only to be shocked by Callie's planned surprise party for her. She bursts in tears as the day's events overwhelmed her. She leaves the party and later on meets the Andersons and comforts them the best way she knows how. The couple decides to continue with the donation even though their son died. The reason: Arizona and her impeccable health care delivery -beyond cutting, beyond suturing, even beyond death.

With that, we realize how important it is to be critical and wise in investing especially in love. Arizona loved her patients, and more so, she loved Callie, and lovingly said those three important words as she came home with her expecting girlfriend in the couch asleep.

Arizona, truly becoming one of our favorite characters.

I leave you with an AWWWW!


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