Jane by Design 1.14 "The Second Chance" Review

Ben Quimby is the heart of Jane by Design. Though I enjoy Jane's quirky naivete, Billy's misunderstood depth, and Gray's omnipotence, Ben exemplifies everything that I love about the show and has only grown stronger as a character in the back half of the season. At first glance, he's a little goofy, a jumbled arrangement of nerves and awkwardness in the body of a former athlete, but once you get past the outer layers of Ben Quimby, you get to see how much there is to him. And you like him (and the show) that much more because of it, let alone how genuine and unexpectedly vulnerable he comes off as. Like Ben, Jane by Design comes off one way but has begun exploring another avenue of characterization - initially, it read like a wispy creampuff of a show, but once you completely sink your teeth into it, there are flavors that you didn't even know were there. Read More...



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