Review: The Big Bang Theory Season 3, Episode 11 - "The Maternal Congruence"

This week's hilarious BBT episode sees Leonard's mother return to town and get this: She befriends Penny!

Leonard also finds out that Sheldon has been been keeping in regular contact with his mother, finding out about all the latest family news before Leonard does.

the funniest part of this week's episode happens when Penny takes Beverly out for drinks, resulting in a kiss between Leonard's mother and Sheldon.

It was good also to see a bit of Christmas cheer in this episode ehn Leonard and Penny put up the Christmas tree and Sheldon shares his holiday memories.

This episode really has restored my faith in The Big Bang Theory after a few lackluster weeks. Here's hoping their back on top after this, my favorite episode of the season.

The next episode of the Big Bang Theory, "The Psychic Vortex" airs on January 11, 2010


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