'Love in the Wild': Jesse wants Ali to 'open up in that more romantic way'


Previously on "Love in the Wild," the new girls sent the lovely Jenny home, but we also got rid of Tara, so it's kind of six of one, half a dozen of the other. The AftermathEveryone wants to know what happened with Tara and Ken boldly says to Jesse that he did Tara dirty. Ken is aware they slept together and then Jesse wanted nothing to do with her. Good for him for saying something. We love how Ali and others keep calling it a "romantic encounter." Couldn't have been that romantic. Michelle and Ben at the Oasis waste no time in having their own romantic encounter and then so do Yanina and Ken (not at the Oasis, that'd be awkward). Then in the lean-to, Jesse is getting handsy with Ali and she has to tell him to stop. Ew, he is so gross. The ChallengeThey have to collect 55 coconuts, carry them, trade them...



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