'America's Got Talent' Recap: The Standby Acts Perform

Tonight, 150 contestants will perform for 20 remaining spots in New York. These are the "standby" acts that inexplicably got a chance over the Bandbaz Brothers. At 1:00 am, performance day, Turf is performing on the Vegas strip. the next morning, he is late to the stage and a producer has to come get him. Nick Cannon goes to the group to pep them up. They are more than just "standbys" to him.

Magic is up first, much to my delight. The first act is Hawley Magic, who does a double levitation. Howard wasn't impressed. Giani is a mentalist, but not as good as Eric Dittelman. He wrote down his "predictions" of what the three judges would say, but oddly wrote "Bilan" instead of "Milan" for Sharon's place. "There's no place called Bilan," Sharon tells him.



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