TV Review: Airing Louie Near Anger Management Is Like Hanging a Degas Next to a Dumpster

This is a joke, right? A fake-out? A setup for a sucker punch? Can this really be all there is to Anger Management?

These thoughts buzzed in my brain as I watched the first two episodes of Charlie Sheen’s return to television, a faux-edgy sitcom so unimaginative and dull that it makes Two and a Half Men look like a beacon of artistic integrity. That Anger Management would air in the same two-hour block as FX’s innovative Louie — which I’ll praise in a moment — seems downright perverse, like hanging a Degas next to a Dumpster. It’s a shame, really. Sheen has sunk so low in the public’s estimation that he could have taken serious artistic risks, failed miserably, and still have won points for trying. Read More...


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