Fate/Zero Episode #02 Anime Review

After the double length episode that introduced the basics of the series, Fate Zero goes for another episode where dialogue is again a bit point to it. And that’s not a bad thing, though it could use a few more names thrown around just to make it a little more accessible The opening of the episode is quite a lot of fun as we see the relationship between Waver and Rider form. The two are quite different to be sure and it’s comical to see this loud, brash and accomplished conqueror deal with Waver. With Rider getting a feel for the world at this point, there are some good moments as he take sin what his past was and the scale of the world itself, and an amusing nod that he’s still interested in conquering it all. So much so that with a bit of a wink, he talks about heading west to start conquering country by country instead of dealing with the Grail at first just because it’d be more fun. Read More...



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