Fate/Zero Episode #06 Anime Review

Sometimes the crazy can be a heck of a lot of fun. Such as the opening act here when while out and about, Saber ends up running into Gilles of all people. Gilles has the kind of wide-eyed crazy look that makes him just a lot of fun to watch because he’s so expressive. And that comes into play here even more as his time with Saber has him demanding that she reveal herself as she truly is, or he believes her to be, by accepting that she is Jeanne. Of course, she’s not and isn’t forgetting the past life that Gilles believes she has but it just reinforces his mindset that he will be the one to free her from this problem so that she can remember who she truly is and they can go on their merry way. Saber’s a little disconcerted by it all, though not to the point where she’d falter against him, but sometimes when someone comes along raving like a madman you simply don’t know how to react. Read More...



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