Fate/Zero Episode #11 Anime Review

After a darkly fun episode focusing on Rin and showing what a tough as nails kid she was, Fate/Zero moves back to the adults and major players of the Grail War. And in big fashion, it has Rider with Waver strolling into Saber’s residence with Irisviel with him on his chariot with horses leading the way. It’s big and hilarious watching him in his tight t-shirt, wielding a massive keg with the intent to drink and be merry with her. Rider continues to be a real favorite among the Servants of mine for his personality alone and this kind of face to face meeting between the two is the kind of thing that speaks well of his character, but also of Saber since she will sit with him, drink and talk about things. Well, as best as she can. She takes challenges in all sorts of ways, including that of drinking. Read More...



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