Fate/Zero Episode #13 Anime Review

While Caster has had his moments so far, there is something to be said for getting into his mindset a bit as we understand about how he has done so much evil but never faced true punishment. When you commit crimes and defilements unlike anyone in human history has done before, at least in your view, and yet you face no punishment for it and end up in a situation like this where you’re a Servant, it has to be disturbing and lead to strange rationalizations. It turns what you feel and know as evil deeds into things that must be done, that you almost feel that you’re commanded to do because you’re not punished. And when your Master is a look cracked himself and has a different approach to life, you can soften and mold Caster into the kind of Servant you need to cause even more trouble. Twisting a worldview to suit ones purposes becomes very, very easy. Read More...



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