Fate/Zero Episode #24 Anime Review

Fate/Zero worked through some very good material previously in dealing with Rider and Gilgamesh while also giving us some very heartfelt and appropriate scenes for Waver as he took it all in and really manned up. While there were other things going on in that episode, particularly the revel about Berserker being Lancelot, the Rider material was some of the standout material for the series overall for me as I really found a lot to like about the character. With this episode, the more personal and up close fight that’s fought between the two men standing at this point is intense, especially since it’s mixed in with scenes of the grail itself rising into existence and being filled as well. It’s all reaching a strong point here with the swell of music, the intense action and the disturbing nature of the grail itself being there. Read More...



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