Fate/Zero Episode #25 Anime Review

After an utterly intense and engaging episode where Kirie and Kiritsugu went at it in a viciously beautiful way, the show has now shifted gears towards dealing with Saber and what she has to face. Her match against Gilgamesh certainly has a lot of visual beauty just from the start, and the audience in general isn’t behind Gilgamesh, especially after his encounter with Rider. But Gilgamesh represents something different here in terms of what he brings to the table in power and character. I’m hesitant to call him evil or anything, but there’s an intensely controlled viciousness about him, like a beast that keeps it cool even when he cuts loose. It’s not being cruel for the sake of it, but something else entirely. So when things cut loose here in the city and we see much of the fallout, you can’t help but to admire how it’s handled on all sides. Read More...



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