Dallas “The Last Hurrah” Review

Although the sale of Southfork has gone through and the Ewing house is being packed up piece by piece, J.R. and John Ross are still plotting and scheming to get their hands on the land in "The Last Hurrah," this week’s episode of Dallas. Although it seems like they’re on the same side, J.R. has no qualms about going behind his son’s back to better his own odds or having him followed and photographed for some future nefarious purpose.

The only wrench in their plans is the lawyer who wants more money to keep his mouth shut. When it’s discovered that the laywer has a drug addict son with two strikes against him, John Ross enlists Rebecca (via blackmail as he knows she sent the email to Christopher that ended his relationship with Elena) to help set up the innocent guy to give them leverage over his dad. I like that Rebecca couldn’t do it; she is the Diet Coke of evil to her brother’s full-bodied recipe. But her refusal just forced J.R. to bring in the del Sol chick who is developing a dangerous obsession with John Ross. Read More...



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