'Anger Management' review: Charlie Sheen's comeback is all about business

"Anger Management" is a show that will run on FX, but from the way it's being produced to what you'll see on screen, it's not really an FX show. That's maybe the most salient point about Charlie Sheen's sitcom comeback.The show will premiere on the cable channel Thursday night (June 28), and it will probably score pretty big ratings given Sheen's high media profile. But "Anger Management" is at least as much about its business model -- producing a syndication-ready 100 episodes in as short a time as possible -- as it is about making audiences laugh with Sheen and the other characters on screen. Anyone who makes a show obviously wants it to run as long as it can, but that's never felt like the motivating force for, say, "Louie" or "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia." That "Sunny" has been around long enough to be syndicated almost feels like an accident."Anger Management," though, might...



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