'Awkward' Season 2 picks up two weeks later with consequences galore

If high school were reduced to one word, it would be "awkward."This goes for popular kids, loners, stoners, straight-edge students, gangbangers and honor roll peer leaders. MTV's critically acclaimed "Awkward" returning for a second season, Thursday, June 28, perfectly captures teenagers' angst.At the center of the dark-edged comedy is Jenna (Ashley Rickards). She's surprisingly sane considering at the end of last season she realized her mother, Lacey (Nikki DeLoach), wrote the letter that everyone assumes prompted Jenna's suicide attempt. Jenna, however, didn't try to kill herself; she slipped in the bathroom, and a blow-dryer fell into the bath.But it was no freak accident that her mom wrote the note, which, in sanitized language, told Jenna to stand up for herself more. For those who missed last season: Jenna started school in a cast that defined awkward, with her arm in an upward right angle to her body. Her winning personality eventually had her enmeshed in...



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