Saving Hope “The Fight” Review

Sipowicz help us all, but let’s go ahead and dive in to this week’s Saving Hope.

Normally, I’m not a big ancillary character type of guy. I like for shows to build themselves around their stars. After all, they are the leads on a television show for a reason. That being said, given Erica Durance’s limitations, the lack of development of the other characters in the show is starting to become a problem. Sure, we found out that Dr. Hamza was gay (Did we already know that?), and maybe Goran isn’t quite the biggest douche in Toronto. However, those moments were small blips that appear pretty pointless when you put them in the larger context of what the show is trying to accomplish. At this point, if the ancillary characters are going to play a role, then Goran has to be the go-to guy. He may not have many speeds as an actor, but he’s got a certain look and aura about him that will keep him on a television screen for many years. The show really needs to start utilizing him more, because Durance isn’t quite up to the challenge. She’s fine, but she’s being asked to do waaaaay too much here. Read More... 


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