Common Law (USA) “Role Play” Review – Travis and Wes Swap Bodies….Sort of

In tonight’s episode of Common Law, called "Role Play," the boys swap bodies. Okay, no not really, but they DO end up trying out a bit of role playing after the doc gives them yet another assignment to help them better understand each other.

The first one to take on the experiment is Travis, doing his best Wes and pretty much nailing all of his partner’s mannerisms and even Wes’ snappy dress code. In fact, when another fellow officer calls him a dick while playing his role, Travis takes it as the biggest compliment to his acting skills.

Not to be outdone, Wes soon decides that Travis needs a taste of his own medicine and starts acting like the wild one. He loosens up, starts calling people douche-bag, flirts with the ladies and (in my personalfavorite moment) comes to the precinct dressed in jeans and a leather jacket. Read More... 


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