Falling Skies “Young Bloods” Review

After last week’s episode of Falling Skies, I was left wondering if there was anyone left in Weaver’s world that he would mourn for. Tonight’s episode, "Young Bloods," answered my question in an unexpectedly heartbreaking way.

In the process of tracking down their stolen bikes, Ben and Hal stumbled upon a den of young survivors – aka. Falling Skies’ Lost Boys. Diego’s attitude in particular reminded me of Rufio (from Hook) and much like Peter Pan’s Lost Boys, this gang was generally distrusting of adults. Their collective experiences had taught them that "grown-ups" got them killed. I would have liked to know a little bitmore about what sort of experiences they had with humans that would have given them that attitude. We know why children would be afraid of the aliens, but what might have caused these kids to lose faith in adult humans? Read More...



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