Louie Recap: The Man Show

Here's one way to start a talk about what it means to be a man: "One time I was jerkin' off ... " From there, you could discuss aging in terms of how your fading eyesight is killing your masturbational buzz. Or you could wonder at society's penchant for surgically tweaking breasts and buttocks while leaving the penis upgrade market totally unexplored.

You, actually, couldn't do most of these things. You are not Louis C.K. We turn to him to hear such equally scatological and substantial topics weaved together, knowing he'll top it all off with phenomenal weirdness. Of course Louie concludes his stand-up intro, his crash course reminder on what he's all about, with the clarification that he wants not just a new dick but another dick, preferably that of a tragically killed 22-year-old Puerto Rican track star. Never forget this is C.K.'s show and his show alone; he can and will skew juvenile or bizarre without warning. Whichever direction his mind runs, the antics follow. Welcome back. Read More...



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