The Amazing Spider-Man: An Unnecessary Reboot Makes a Convincing Case for Itself

Coming barely a decade after Sam Raimi’s first Spider-Man, the "reboot" called The Amazing Spider-Man is clearly unnecessary and ought to be shunned for all kinds of reasons — chiefly to deliver a shock to the system of Hollywood execs whose primary job is finding merchandisable "franchises" and studio "tentpoles." But for all its under­lying cynicism, the new Spidey picture is pretty damn good. The lesson should not be that lazy multiplex viewers and Comic-Con fanatics will pay to see anything with ­Marvel’s name on it, but that first chapters — a.k.a. "origin stories" — are easier to make and more reliably fun. By the time part three of a blockbuster superhero saga rolls around, the lead actors have aged out of their roles and are impatient to prove they can carry "serious" (i.e., Oscar-bait) movies, while the filmmakers, their edges blunted by too much money and unable to think about complex, long-term story arcs the way TV creators can, flop about in misery, their brains grinding emptiness. Why not start the whole thing over with a younger, hungrier, less expensive crew? Read More...


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