Gaby Hoffmann is all grown up on 'Louie'


The season premiere of "Louie" on Thursday night (June 28) featured a couple of long and painfully funny scenes between the title character (Louis C.K.) and a soon-to-be ex-girlfriend named April, played by Gaby Hoffmann.Yes, the little girl from "Field of Dreams," "Uncle Buck" and "Sleepless in Seattle." That Gaby Hoffmann.Hoffmann, who's now 30(!), calls Louie out on his unwillingness to say he wants to break up, and in their second scene together she delivers a killer speech about why Louie's being such a wuss. She comes over to his apartment to pick up a laptop she left behind, and seeing Louie's injuries from a motorcycle accident, takes care of him for a bit. That prompts a half-hearted "Stay ..." from Louie, to which she replies:"Do you realize you might be wasting four years of both of our lives because you can't just say 'Bye, see ya' right now, because in this second, that feels...


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