'True Blood': 'We'll Meet Again'

The only thing better than a good maker was a good staker in this week's episode, where we followed Bill and Eric back to Bon Temps, witnessed Tara's first real feeding, watched Sookie drink all the liquor and were treated to the first (but probably not last) staking of the season. What went down during last night's "True Blood"? Here's the full bleed.

Wakeups, Breakups, Makeups
Tara's attempts to deep-fry herself in a tanning bed last as long as it takes for Pam to show up and command her to stop—not because she cares, you know, but she can only take so much of her makee's screaming over their psychic connection. But after being treated to two flashbacks' worth of Pam crying bloody tears over her remembered origins, we know she's got a heart hidden somewhere under her pink velour sweatsuit, and lo and behold, it makes an appearance again in this episode; after sobbing her way through a confrontation with Eric over the whereabouts of one Russell Edgington, she calls his bluff. If he doesn't trust her, she says, "then release me and get it over with." Read More...



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