TLC's 'Four Houses' a catty look at unreal estate


There's something about people who are passionate about aesthetics -- they're so easy to offend. And yet they really do put their aesthetic beliefs into practice with often interesting or even astonishing results. And of course, that makes them perfect subjects for the catty world of reality television.Similar to TLC's "Four Weddings," the network's new series "Four Houses," premiering Monday, July 2, takes advantage of all of that passion, setting up shop right where the fence between good and bad taste meets the wellspring of creativity.The concept is pretty simple: Each episode of "Four Houses" puts four very different homeowners on tours of one another's homes to see just how much a reflection each home is of its owners' personalities. As the participants wander through the others' homes -- with the owner out of earshot -- they give their unvarnished take on what they see and rate the homes accordingly. And of course, each home...


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