'The Bachelorette' Recap: Home Sweet Home

We are finally down to four contestants on "The Bachelorette" (Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC), and Emily is Chicago, Utah, Scottsdale and Dallas-bound to meet the families of her fair suitors. Other than a whining, creepy, immature brat who doesn't drive fast vehicles or serve road kill for dinner, I think there are some pretty viable candidates for our bachelorette!

One F Jef
Little Bit Country, LIttle Bit Rock-N-Roll ... in Skinny Jeans

Jef greets Emily at the gate of his family's ranch, tosses her in a dune buggy and peels through through the dessert like a wild man as if to say, "Formula One what?" Nice move, One F. Then he takes her skeet shooting and knocks every clay pigeon out of the sky as if to say, "Country boys aren't only from Texas." Kudos, Jef. (For obvious reasons, there were no subtle jabs at Chris.) They arrive at an oasis to meet his two brothers, three sisters and a gaggle of kids. Everyone approves of Emily and Jef feels that it's time to read her a love letter he wrote on a legal pad. The phrases "help you chase your dreams" and "I love how you fit in my arms" make Emily tear up before she confesses that no one has ever said such nice things to her. They make out on Jef's old dorm room comforter spread on a bed of rocks as the sun goes down. He managed to maneuver the entire date without the help of skateboard or marionette. Well played, Jef. Well played. Read More...



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