Teen Wolf: Know Thy Frenemy

If Teen Wolf taught us anything last night, it was that when Stiles suggests to kill Jackson, aka the Kanima, then Scott should probably just kill Jackson.

The term 'frenemy' became the backdrop of this week's episode of Teen Wolf as Scott, and a reluctant Stiles, took it upon themselves to protect Jackson from himself by any means necessary. This included lying to their parents and entering a gay bar to stop Jackson from killing Danny, who had the only evidence of Jackson being the Kanima. Scott and Stiles went far beyond the call of duty in protecting Jackson from harming those around him and himself and what do they get in response? Jackson screwing them over by running to the police station and possibly telling Sheriff Stilenski and Mr. Whittmore that Scott and Stiles held him hostage against his will. The sad part about all of that? Jackson clearly heard the concern coming from Scott, Stiles, and Allison about his condition and even in light of that, the jackass retreated back to being a cold-hearted snake. So, is Jackson a 'frenemy?' Yes, but at this rate we prefer to call him a first-class asshole. Read More...



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