Lost Girl Review: Succubus Barbie

Bo is finally done with Dyson. Or, so she said anyway. Lost Girl just hasn't been the same since Dyson lost his love for Bo. The sizzle is gone. Where is that passionate succubus that we used to know?

From comments on my earlier reviews, I expected Lauren to provide an unstoppable spark, but that hasn't materialized. Instead, the relationship between Lauren and Bo has been strained since Lauren already has a girlfriend. And, now, Lauren is locked up in The Ash's cell.

A succubus without sex is a boring succubus. At least, it seems we have moved beyond Bo and Dyson. She has given up on him and he has moved on with Ciara. Plus, Bo genuinely seems to want to be friends with Ciara. Those new relationships would heavily complicate Bo ever getting back with Dyson. So, who will be Bo's next conquest? I'm guessing somehow Bo and Lauren will work out their issues. Read More...



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