A Very Welcome Accident- Preview Grey's Anatomy 6 x16

What happens when a world renowned, award-named-after physician suddenly arrives at your hospital's emergency room with a surgical complaint?

Certainly stir up the Chief of Surgery's day.

After two weeks of agonizing anticipation, not to mention only an hour sleep the whole day since yesterday, I am about to get an awesome reward in a few minutes through my favorite TV show !


Enter the world of Derek Shepherd, Seattle Grace Mercy West's Chief of Surgery, Post-it husband, peeping tom. Peeping tom??? Not really, but that's how our protagonist's day start. First, he walks in on Little Grey at home seductively awaiting her sex buddy Alex Karev with only the blankets to cover her bare body. Second, upon arriving at the hospital, his bestfriend Mark Sloan causes a commotion as he noisily does a drug representative in what looks like the linen room. I hope that's just about it though for his sex-related walk-ins ;-)

Meanwhile, in the Emergency Room, it appears that we have more focus on the background of our Resident Hunk Jackson, as his grandfather gets admitted in the ER after having severe stomach pain during his visit to our beloved Jacky. His face is so adorable when he tries to shrug off Cristina Yang's sarcasm as she repeats his nickname Jacky. Cristina, as always, comes off overconfident and rather arrogant as she tries to steal Jackson's patient. With Karma biting back, the patient does retort and leaves her fumbling with words, flushed and embarrassed, as she realizes she is talking to Dr. Harper Avery--yes, the fictional and supposed to be prestigious Harper Avery award Callie and Burke referred to couple of episodes back. Jacky already told you Yang, he can take it from there. ;-) Who knew karma had such a great sense of humor.

Avery Senior seems to be causing a surprise to everyone in the hospital. As a famous physician, he does get the privilege of having the present, former, and future Chief of Surgery on his case, with the latter as the attending-in-charge. However, Dr. Harper Avery wants his friend Richard Webber to do his surgery, wishing no offense to Miranda Bailey. What causes them to stare sharply and uncomfortably at each other were the older Avery's comment about why Webber gave up being the Chief of Surgery and about his own surgery , "I'm going to be awake during my surgery. Watch." So much stress for Peeping Tom eh ;-)

On other floor of the hospital, two attendings seem to hit it off as friends. "I'm an awesome friend," proudly says McPerky to Teddy after coaxing her with squeals of excitement to join Girls' Night with Callie and Bailey. Arizona could not cease being hilarious. She is full of joy and brings out a smile with her delightful demeanor! I'm glad she and Callie are a couple. So now they can bring Mark and Teddy, both hurting, back into the dating band wagon just like with the girl talk and OMGs with Bailey who now has a Gasman at her side. MaTed anyone? It's SUPER!

Alike all other Grey's episode, this could turn out to be awesome or disappointing. I certainly hope this would be more than a perfect little accident. I hope it will be perfect! Nonetheless, here's a quote to look forward to before I bid goodbye.

Meredith (to Lexie) : Your heart lives in your vagina!

Now I feel better.


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