'America's Got Talent' Recap: Four Acts Move On to the Semifinals

Nick Cannon, in yet another blue velvet suit, tells us that all 12 acts are having "a great time" in the green room. Oh yeah, I bet they're just loving the way you shut them all in the same tiny room and made them dress the same way they were dressed last night. There's two dogs in there, for god's sake. And what do they have to eat? To sustain them? A bowl of Orville Redenbacher popcorn that Nick Cannon will undoubtedly jokingly "eat" and spill on the floor. The dogs are going to eat it.

The first group of acts released from the green room are Michael Nejad, Shanice & Maurice, and Nikki Jensen. So this is pretty clear: it will be Sharnce & Maurice. Michael Nejad got three X's last night! There's no hope for him. Nikki Jensen was pretty, but a bit bland, and everyone raved about the father-daughter duo. So let's get on with this result, after a bit of Howard Stern grandstanding. Shanice & Maurice Hayes are moving forward, of course. I don't think they will win.



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