Jonathan Kim: ReThink Review: The Amazing Spider-Man -- Slightly Different, Hardly Amazing

When an original film or series could use some modernization, a new interpretation, or occurred long enough ago that audiences either forgot about or never knew them, a studio may decide to "reboot" it, which is studio language for restarting a story, character, or concept as if the original had never happened. The Amazing Spider-Man is unique in the world of reboots because it doesn't meet any of the above criteria. Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy started in 2002 (hardly in need of modernization), was beloved by audiences, and with the latest installment released just five years ago, was still fresh in the minds of moviegoers.

So why would Sony, which owns the rights to the Spider-Man character, feel that it was a good time to reboot the series with The Amazing Spider-Man? As you probably guessed, it has something to do with money, but in a way that feels more uncomfortably, brazenly mercenary than previous reboots. Watch my ReThink Review of The Amazing Spider-Man below (transcript following). Read More...


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