Tsuritama Episode #06 Anime Review

There’s something to be said about how work can change a person, both for the better and worse, but seeing Yuki here during his summer vacation is pretty engaging. While he was nervous and had difficult in the previous episode with getting his sea legs going, now that he’s got it, he’s definitely into it. Three weeks into the work now, he’s doing well at the job, enjoying it and loving the post-work fishing time that he gets with Haru and Natsuki. The trio have really grown as friends in a way that sometimes can only happen when working in this kind of situation as you’re able to do the hard stuff with laughter and chatter that keeps it enjoyable. And you really get to know people in a way that you wouldn’t otherwise as almost any topic can come up. And when they spend even more time together with the thrill they get from fishing, it just binds them even better. Read More...



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