Chris Gorham of Covert Affairs Talks About Season 3, an Auggie and Annie Romance, Flashbacks, Webisodes and More

USA’s hit series Covert Affairs returns this Tuesday July 10 at 10pm with what is sure to be an action-packed new season. Chris Gorham, who plays Auggie on the show, took time out of his busy shooting day to talk to TV Equals and other journalists about the big changes that are coming to the series this season, Auggie and Annie’s relationship, the upcoming webisodes and more.

On the big changes coming this season

Chris Gorham: It’s the same show, but the storytelling is really different. It’s much more serialized than it’s been before. We have one mission that everyone’s kind of working on in their own way that lasts the whole first 10 episodes. Annie’s working an op [with] a guy – and that relationship, and that operation – lasts for the whole first season. So the show has turned into really something that you’re gonna wannawatch live, that you don’t wanna miss, because at the end of every episode there’s this huge revelation. Our writers, Chris and Matt and the whole team, really took a lot of time in the off-season making sure that all of the pieces fit and that everything fits together at the end, and everything happens for a reason. Read More... 


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